Effects and Value

Differences between BlueO2 HDO water and ordinary packaged drinking water

Effects of ordinary packaged drinking water

It can only relieve thirst, and replenish water or trace elements and minerals for the human body. Its dissolved oxygen content is only 3-8mg/L, which has little use in replenishing oxygen for human cells.

Our company's technology for packaged HDO drinking water

Oxygen is extracted from nature other than chemically produced. The factory oxygen content ranges from 25mg/L to 90mg/L. The most critical thing is that when the bottle is opened and stationary, the dissolved oxygen content remains largely unchanged; as long as it is heated to not more than 40°C, the dissolved oxygen content remains largely unchanged within 3 hours when the bottle is opened and stationary. Therefore, it is suitable for human drinking, and replenishes water and oxygen for cells.

Test on dissolved oxygen content before product filling and factory release (3-8mg/L at normal temperature and pressure for ordinary water)

The most fundamental and quick-acting effect of HDO water

Currently, the main methods to address high altitude hypoxia are oxygen chambers, oxygen bags and medication (Rhodiola rosea or trimetazidine), which can alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness. However, replenishing oxygen with oxygen chambers and bags is extremely inconvenient, and effective for a short time. Medication is slow acting, and cannot solve the hypoxia problem fundamentally; besides, long-term medication is even adverse to human health.

An animal experiment by West China Scientific Research has proven that BlueO2 packaged HDO drinking water can enhance hypoxia tolerance, but its mechanism is to be further explored.