About the Brand

Advocate for scientific drinking water with technology as the core and health as the goal. Sichuan BlueO2 Water Co., Ltd. is located in Longmenshan National Geopark, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province, and is an AAAA level natural scenic reserve. The company relies on the "Sichuan High tech Application Quality Assurance Center" under the China Academy of Engineering Physics and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, fully leveraging the intellectual advantages of senior science and technology experts from the China Academy of Engineering Physics. After nearly four years of technology transformation and market pilot testing, the company has mastered the overall equipment of "oxygen extraction, dissolved oxygen, and locked oxygen", as well as the entire packaged drinking water (high dissolved oxygen) technology and production process, And obtained relevant patents (patent technology number: ZL201720036644.5), possessing independent intellectual property rights.

At the same time, the company has established an industry university research cooperation with the West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University, continuously exploring the effects of high dissolved oxygen drinking water on the human body. So far, three animal experiments have been completed. From the results of animal experiments, it can be seen that oxygen blue high dissolved oxygen drinking water has the effect of improving human hypoxia tolerance. The company mainly engages in high dissolved oxygen packaged drinking water, as well as bottled and barreled packaged drinking water, as well as technical consulting and services.

BlueO2 also has a small packaged drinking water (high dissolved oxygen) production line in Guizhou Province, with an annual output of 80000 high-end and mid-range products. The second phase covers an area of more than 25 acres. The reconstruction project has received support from major projects in Guizhou Province, and after completion, it can achieve an annual output of 2 million high-end products, with a production value exceeding 200 million yuan.